Exakta 120 Veggiecaps UNAVAILABLE
Exacta 120 Veggiecaps
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Exakta 120 Veggiecaps UNAVAILABLE

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This product has been discontinued


Exakta provides multivitamin support for children mothers and seniors. It is also suitable for all GenoTypes.

At different life stages we can experience a higher biological need for more precise nutrient supplementation and support: growing children pregnant and nursing mothers and seniors. It is for these groups that Dr. D’Adamo created the Exakta formula. Exakta is a precise proprietary blend of nutrients including vitamins minerals essential fatty acids and botanical concentrates and extracts. Also suitable for all GenoTypes. Dr. D’Adamo carefully formulated Exakta to be easier to assimilate utilizing only highly bio-available vitamin and mineral sources like Vitamin A from 100% micro-algae Beta Carotene; Vitamin C from natural-source acerola berry rather than the typical corn-derived ascorbic acid; highly-buffered Calcium from Maerl seaweed; and Omega 3 EPA/DHA Fish Oil Blend.

Also blended into the Exakta formula is Arabinogalactan to support immune system balance and provide soluble fiber and prebiotics.

Exakta also offers potent antioxidant support from Green Tea and four highly concentrated berry-fruit extracts.

Unique to this formula is iron in a basic cautious bio-available form and amount to support the recommendation for pregnancy and the typical increased demands in seniors.

Formerly Uninatal.

This product is currently unavailable.