Cortiguard 60 Veggiecaps


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Our ancestors certainly had stressful lives; however, their stressors tended to be high impact and short duration. Modern life appears to produce stressors of an opposite type: low impact, but long duration. The modern type of stressor seems to have more widespread effects on our health, often disrupting our ability to sleep restfully, digest our meals properly, and maintain a healthy immune system. When the stressors build up, the signs of occasional stress will appear. Occasional stress is a body’s method of reacting to a challenge; the body’s reaction to any stimuli that disturbs its equilibrium. The body’s typical way to respond to this occasional stress is via the ‘fight-or-flight response.’

Cortiguard, designed by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo, helps to maintain a healthy response to occasional stress. Studies of the hormone cortisol and blood type showed that during times of occasional stress, type A’s and B’s had a more rapid rise in stress hormone levels, and their slower elimination, than other blood types.

Cortiguard has a unique ‘three-layer design’:

  • A base of B-vitamins (including thiamine, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and lipoic acid) and vitamin C
  • A second layer of two well-researched botanicals that have been studied for their effects of occasional stress: Panax Ginseng Root and Eleuthero Root.
  • A third layer of two renowned Ayurvedic herbs (Bacopa Leaf and Boerhaavia Root) that can help to maintain healthy cortisol levels, and Magnolia Extract, a botanical long revered in Japanese herbalism for its ability to relieve occasional stress.

Occasional stress just seems to come with modern life. The best strategy is to work on fundamentals: Resolve issues that result in the production of a stressful environment. Work on ways to better communicate the nature of the stress to others. Exercise. Practice proper sleep hygiene. Eat right for your type. For those simple problems that result from occasional stress Cortiguard can be a very helpful additional to your supplement protocol.


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