Genoma Skin Care – Rejuvenating Cleanser 106ml Pump Bottle


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Genoma Rejuvenating Cleanser 106 ml Pump Bottle The cleanser is a creamy super-hydrating formulation that gently removes dirt make-up and excess oils from the skin without over stripping essential oils from the skin. This formula takes skin cleansing to the next level. Dr. D’Adamo uses the naturally occurring amino dipeptide carnosine to help block chronic glycation an important cellular reaction that is suspected to accelerate aging. D’Adamo Genoma Rejuvenating Cleanser also features wild-crafted extract of krameria root Rhatany one of Nature’s gentlest and most effective cleansers. This unique formula is further enhanced with a proprietary extract of lemon myrtle a plant long used for healing by indigenous Australians. As an added benefit the cleanser can also be used as a hydrating masque. * Formulated by Dr. D’Adamo to be Right For All Types. Most skin care products contain irritants for one or more blood types * Skin Care Products feature none of the common irritants: wheat or milk proteins; corn or coconut by-products; or aloe vera * Carefully blended with all-natural wild-crafted and organic botanicals * No mineral oil parabens paraffin or petrolatum – Dr. D’Adamo uses no petroleum-based products which research shows can be disruptive to hormonal activity * No propylene glycol or other potentially harmful ingredients used in typical moisturizers * Not tested on animals


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