Laboratory Blood Group Test Kit: Lewis for Secretor Status


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Nature Cure Laboratory Services test for Lewis blood group. Are you an ‘advanced’ blood type diet devotee? Or do you have reason to want to be even more strict in adhering to the diet for other health reasons? If you wish to refine your diet even further use this simple home blood sampling kit to send a few drops of blood from your finger and send to our laboratory. We will test for Lewis blood group to determine your Secretor status. While the average person may not really need this information in order to benefit from following the Blood Type Diet in a realistic way those with special needs and more serious health concerns may want to know their secretor status in order to open the door to even more specific dietary guidelines.

All Greenfields tests are carried out in our haematology lab and you can download the results securely from our help desk. The results will tell you if you are secretor, non-secretor or Lewis negative.

Everything is included for you to take a fingerprick sample to send back to the lab. The Lewis test is genetically linked to ABO saliva secretor status but may not give results in about 5% of people. For results of Lewis Negative you may also want to buy a DNA Secretor Test. For further information read more about secretor status here.


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