Phloxicin 60 Veggiecaps




Designed to maintain joint health and flexibility. The aging process and its accompanying normal wear and tear on joints can be responsible for joint pain and stiffness. Appropriate exercise — particularly good stretching exercises — can help to keep joints limber but sometimes additional support is required. Dr. D’Adamo has designed Phloxicin™ to help maintain joint health and flexibility using one amino acid with a combination of herbal ingredients. L-Histidine is an amino acid that may be beneficial to relieve pain associated with chronic arthritis and Polygonum Cuspidatum a member of the buckwheat family contains resveratrol which has been shown to demonstrate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity when associated with the occasional joint pain and stiffness resulting from normal wear and tear on joints. Woven into the total formula all of these synergistic ingredients help to support joint health and flexibility for men and women of all blood types.


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