Polyvite-O Professional Multi-Vitamin 120 Veggiecaps


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If you are taking a daily multivitamin make sure it is Right For Your Type®. Polyvite O blood type specific multivitamin formula has been carefully designed by Dr. D’Adamo to reflect the individual health concerns and precise nutritional needs of individuals with blood type O. Polyvite O provides the body’s nutritional requirements when under occasional daily stress or during conditions of high biological demand and when this nutrient need cannot be provided by diet or food derived forms of vitamins alone. This formula was designed as a ‘metabolic activator’ for type O individuals providing all the adjuvants necessary for proper protein breakdown and assimilation. Polyamine sequestration enhancement of the adrenal-stress response proper thyroid function and digestive health also figure prominently in the formulation. Special notes: With over 10 synergistic ingredients Polyvite O provides personalised nutritonal support for individuals with blood type O.

Featured ingredients include:

  • Tyrosine an amino acid important to the structure of almost all proteins in the body and which helps main healthy levels of neurotransmitters including l-dopa dopamine norepinephrine and epinephrine
  • Carnitine an amino acid used by the cell’s mitochondria during fat metabolism. Its protective effects are associated primarily with heart health
  • Kelp, a rich source of plant polysaccharides and trace minerals which contains alginates that can help bind heavy metals and protect against harmful lectins.


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