Quercetin Plus 90 Veggie Caps


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Allergy stomach cardiovascular and antioxidant support from Nature’s most important bioflavonoid. Quercetin is widely distributed in the plant kingdom and has been shown in experimental studies to have numerous effects on the body. Quercetin has been studied scientifically for the past 30 years —and recent studies confirm this flavonoid is 400 times more potent than vitamin E. Quercetin appears to have many beneficial effects on human health including cardiovascular and stomach health protection maintaining immune system health and helping to calm the occasional temporary inflammation following sports activity. As Quercetin bioflavonoids are not easily assimilated through the gut wall Dr. D’Adamo has added Bromelain enzyme to the formula to increase absorption. Hypoallergenic derived from non-lectin containing sources.

90 vegetarian capsules 

Suggested Use: 1 capsule, twice daily on an empty stomach 

Is this Product Vegetarian? Yes



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