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It’s common knowledge that as we age the neurons in our brains may not function as well or as quickly as they did in our youth. Why? Quite simply the neurons that we started out with as babies are the same neurons that we are still using at 40 50 60 and beyond! Although the neurons continue to function many of their component parts such as lipids and cellular proteins are replaced as needed to prevent the accumulation of damage. To maximize the functional capacity of existing nerves Dr. D’Adamo formulated Trehalose Complex – a blend of Trehalose a natural sugar that clinical trials suggest may have a positive effect in promoting brain health D-Ribose an essential compound in energy metabolism and the structural backbone of DNA and RNA and modified citrus pectin a short chain pectin that improves the connections and conductivity between nerves. Trehalose Complex acts on multiple levels: *May protect nerves from the destructive forces of aging and environmental toxicity. *Stimulates the activity of your own neural stem cells *Energizes your existing nerves to maximize their functional capacity. *May improve the activity of the brain and nervous system. Directions: Stir Trehalose powder into water with a squeeze of lemon or mix Trehalose with a beneficial juice. Mixing in a spoonful of ARA 6 – Pure Larch Powder will increase its effectiveness. Dr. D’Adamo does not recommend taking Trehalose with green tea or quercetin.


Always at the frontier of new nutrition science, Dr. D’Adamo has discovered that a unique molecule, known as trehalose, has remarkable anti-aging properties. He combined trehalose with synergistic factors to produce Trehalose Complex, perhaps the most important anti-aging nutriceutical yet developed. Trehalose has been accepted as a novel food ingredient in the EU and under the GRAS system in the U.S.

Trehalose is a natural sugar found in many organisms, including bacteria and plants. However, humans make very little trehalose. It functions to protect the integrity of the cell against various environmental stresses like heat, cold, dehydration, and oxidation. Trehalose Complex acts on multiple levels, and may help protect nervous tissue from the destructive forces of aging and environmental toxins, as well as supporting optimal nerve function. 

Trehalose works by encouraging the healthy function of molecules known as chaperones. Much like an adult chaperone at a high school dance, molecular chaperones work to insure that the proteins inside our cells behave in a responsible manner. Molecular chaperones like trehalose work to insure that the proteins in the cell ‘fold’ together in a proper manner. When proteins fold correctly, they can assume their proper function, becoming an enzyme, or a hormone, etc. When proteins ‘miss-fold’ they trigger a cell-wide stress reaction to these misshaped proteins and the cell will often go to great lengths to either correct the problem or eliminate the problem protein. When this process is compromised, the cell will go through a stress response that accelerates its aging process.  Chaperones like trehalose then move in an attempt to ‘re-fold’ the protein properly, blocking the cell’s stress response and allowing it to repair. Dr. D’Adamo has masterfully blended Trehalose Complex to contain the synergistic ingredients ribose and modified citrus pectin to insure maximum utilization and bioavailability.

Trehalose Complex blocks aging where it occurs: At the cellular level.

Directions: Stir Trehalose powder into water with a squeeze of lemon or mix Trehalose with a beneficial juice. Mixing in a spoonful of ARA 6 – Pure Larch Powder will increase its effectiveness. Dr. D’Adamo recommends taking Trehalose an hour away from green tea, coffee, curcumin or quercetin.

240 grams
Servings per container: Approximately 60
Serving size: 1 level teaspoon


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