Home Blood Group Test Kit ABO and Rh
Home Blood Group Test Kit ABO and Rh

Home Blood Group Test Kit ABO and Rh

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This is an easy-to-use home test complete with everything you need to type one person. We even supply the alcohol swab. All you have to do is supply the blood! Will determine both ABO and Rh D (Rhesus) blood group. Each test kit will type one person. FDA-approved for educational use. Results can be read within 2 minutes.

Eldoncards, the Genuine Dry Format Cards for Blood Grouping

Eldoncard A/S is a Danish company named after the Danish physician Knud Eldon who developed the blood grouping card in 1950. They were first commercially manufactured in 1954 and since that time, over 60 million have been produced. Eldoncards allow the user to determine whether their blood group is type A, O, B or AB, and whether they are rhesus positive or negative. They can also be used as identification cards or as driving licenses in some countries.

The cards are suitable for use outside the hospital blood banks in such cases as at the bedside just prior to a transfusion, in the practitioner’s clinic, on remote locations such as ships and oil rigs, on the battle field, in the class room, in the private home, or in any emergency situation calling for a speedy and reliable test. To eliminate the risk of transfusion errors the German and French health authorities have ordered a mandatory bedside test just prior to any blood transfusion. The blood of the patient and the blood in the bags already brought to the bed of the patient are grouped with Eldoncards, and the transfusion will only take place if both cards show the same blood group for the ABO and the rhesus systems.

The special advantages of Eldoncards over other available products are the following:

    • Portable and compact
    • Control field to eliminate rare false agglutinations
    • Result after just 2 minutes
    • Rhesus factor (Rh positive or negative) also determined

    • Lamination foil for permanent contagion-free storage
ELDONCARD A/S is the only company specialised in the manufacture of dry format cards for blood grouping. Health authorities in countries with advanced health care systems have approved the Eldoncards, which are used for many purposes and sold all over the world. You can see a video presentation about ‘how to use an Eldoncard’ in the product images.