Mr Itaru's Blend Premium Green Tea 200g

Mr Itaru's Blend Premium Green Tea 200g - UNAVAILABLE

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Potent green tea blend tailored to maximise antioxidant boost. Toasted brown rice gives tea rich, smooth texture.

Chinese tea and culture dates back to the post-classical history era of 600 A.D. and, although tea was originally consumed for medicinal purposes to treat digestive and nervous conditions, people living in the interior part of China pressed tea into brick "currency" to barter with other tribes.

Throughout the ages, tea (and in particular, green tea) has become not only a beverage to be sipped and enjoyed but still has strong cultural roots around the world.

Mr. Itaru's Green Tea Blend begins with a base of the highest quality green tea leaves carefully processed to maximise the tea's health promoting antioxidants that are 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 25 times stronger than Vitamin E.

Matcha, with it's deep green colour, is added for even more antioxidants.

Research has also shown that green tea may boost immunity, promote healthy intestinal function and normalise the workings of the cardiovascular system. This delicious tea incorporates toasted brown rice to give it a full, smooth texture.

Directions: We recommend brewing at approximately 175 degrees for 45 seconds. The result will be a light green colour tea and taste great. Avoid higher temperatures and excessively long  times to prevent bitterness.